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    Dongguan AOSI(Fast)Electronics Co.,Ltd is the collection development, production, sales in one of the specialized terminals, terminal, terminal, connector, connectors manufacturers, and has a number of high-quality management team and technical elite, through nearly ten years of careful management, products through the UL, VDE, CB, CQC, ROHS and other certification, the factory has passed ISO9001 : 2008 quality system certification. The main products are: CA series shrapnel type wiring terminal, CT series lifting type wiring terminal, CP series slide-in terminals, CS series screw free press buckle type connection terminal, CK series, CZ series fence type wiring terminal through type wiring terminal, a variety of single double pin and IC socket. Standing specifications have 2.54, 3.50, 3.81, 3.96, 5, 5.08, 6.35, 7.50, 7.62, 8.255, 9.525, 10, 10.16, 11, 13.00mm.

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